Every world is a bubble of magic.

We believe that every world, dimension, reality, or universe is a magical place that is a celebration of it's own creators and their ideas.

We want to help make worlds that celebrate your magical ideas.

We're a small independent content studio obsessed with creating and sharing next-generation experiences.

It all began in 2015 with a vision for a new kind of entertainment and media - experiences beyond the traditional "passive consumption" viewings that most media provides.

We realized that people stopped identifying with products, with services, or brands directly and that instead, they wanted to be a part of the worlds they watch, play, listen, and read about.

That's when we launched Bubble Theorem, a content studio aimed at creating experiences, digital and otherwise, that bridge the gap between fans, consumers, loyalists, and dreamers, with the content and worlds they love.

Since then, we've collaborated with creative teams and worked on our own experimental projects to bring cutting-edge software, hardware and creative ideas together into new realities, with low overhead and a slick small-studio feel.

Our vision for Bubble Theorem is to grow into a company that can help to enable brands and IPs across the globe to create meaningful interactive and immersive experiences so that their fans and users can inhabit the worlds they love, and interact with the characters they adore, in the deepest way yet.

These are our virtues.


Don't be afraid.

Rules and conventions are still being made in many new immersive mediums. Our small-size operation but high-concept vision lets us try new ideas and workflows that often require much reorganization in larger studios.


Find the light.

We think every project has a special light that illuminates the world in a unique way. We're obsessed with chasing this 'light' down, and once we find the light in your project, we'll help you amplify it so your brightest ideas are seen everywhere.


Always be creating.

We're constantly iterating and re-imagining our work throughout the whole process. That doesn't mean we start from scratch every day, but it means we're not afraid to tear away what we're used to in order to create something that might be even greater.

This is who we are.

Nick Savarese

Founder, Creator and Dev