Nick Savarese

Founder, Creator and Dev

Nick is a creative technologist with a young and fresh take on media, drawing on years of traditional media experience and work background to create next-generation interactive media and experiences.

Freshly out of high school, Nick moved to New York City to pursue a career in media and entertainment and quickly found himself interning on The Tony Awards in post-production. With a love for technology deeply embedded in Nick's software since a young age, Nick fell in love with the synergy of creativity and technical challenges that post-production environments provided.

Throughout and after his time studying Music at New York University, Nick continued  working as a freelance post-production type, in roles ranging from Post Coordinator to Editor, and Post Production Manager for brands and clients like VICE, The Thanksgiving Parade on CBS,, Glamour Magazine, and more.

Nick launched Bubble Theorem in the summer of 2016 while working on various virtual reality and mixed reality projects. Since then, Nick has balanced his creative energy and technical expertise between his current full time role as VICE's Post Production Manager for Digital content, while also producing content for clients and personal projects.