Be Hear Now

Just about noon time in the room. The sunlight moves across the city and changes color temperature as the day rolls along...

B E  H E A R  N O W is a live-streamed real-time rendering of a "room with a view" in a simulated metropolitan environment.

The rendering is created using Unreal Engine 4, assets modeled in Cinema 4D, and textured with Adobe's Substance Designer. The flexibility of real time rendering in the Unreal Engine allows us to give the illusion of an endlessly dynamic, persistent world. Our team sketched the initial designs, generated the 3D assets and models, and engineered the environment and assets together into a 3D world in Unreal Engine 4 in less than a week. We then used some really powerful video cards to capture the whole scene and feed it to the viewer in real-time on YouTube Live, where they could chat and listen along to chill lofi hip-hop music while they work and let time pass them by.

The radio features a handpicked selection of "chillhop" and lofi hip-hop music that is freely shared and widely distributed naturally across the internet by creators and listeners alike.

Watch the live stream on YouTube.