Interdimensional Travel Bureau

A simulator style game for the Magic Leap One, created with Unreal Engine 4 + Lumin SDK. Your team is all out sick, but it's the busiest day of the interdimensional travel season! Your supervisor has arranged for you to help out and work remotely from home using the latest technology and software developed by the Interdimensional Travel Bureau.

But think fast! The travelers will come in waves and need to be sorted and sent to their home dimensions by matching their colors with their rooms when they appear. Use your hands to tell them to "stop" moving with a stop sign, to "go" with a thumbs up, and point with your index finger where they should move towards.

The travelers are like sheep - they will all move in the same direction you point towards, so use the box provided to block some travelers off so you can safely get each color traveler back to it's home dimension. If the wrong kind of travelers get sent to the wrong room, your score will decrease, and the room will disappear more quickly, leaving you with less time to get the right travelers home! Good luck, and don't forget - it's easy!